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Who is KSI’s girlfriend? Who is the influencer dating in 2021?

KSI has finally revealed who is his secret girlfriend. Everyone has wondered for a long time who has youtube star has been dating. In an interview on Logan Paul’s podcast, he finally revealed that he is in a relationship. He said he doesn’t have to let everyone know about his business. KSI is famous for his gaming streams and being a rapper. There is a meaning behind the name KSI. What does it mean? KSI stands for Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity. We will answer everything about KSI in this article. From the meaning of his name to Who is KSI’s girlfriend? You will also get a glimpse of his dating history and lifestyle.

In a recent youtube video, KSI and his friend are seen making fun of the person he is rumored to be dating. Who is the friend with KSI in the video? It’s no other than his long-time friend Ethan. Let’s get to know KSI a little more. Who is KSI, and what is his real name? KSI is a British YouTuber. He is also a musician, rapper, and boxer. Like many famous personalities, KSI is the boxer’s professional name. His real name is Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji jr. He is also known by the name ‘JJ’. Also, he is part of the youtube influencers group called Sidemen. Interestingly, his rivalry with Logan Paul got very famous on the internet. There is a lot to learn about this influencer. So keep reading to know all about KSI.

Boxing: KSI vs Logan Paul

Boxing: KSI vs Logan Paul

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Who is KSI’s girlfriend?

Finally, it is revealed who KSI’s girlfriend is. The influencer wanted to keep his girlfriend out of the spotlight for as long as possible. But in the interview on Logan Paul’s podcast, he revealed that he is in a serious relationship. He even said that he would marry his girlfriend someday. The podcast started on a funny note when Logan asked KSI if his parents were still together. KSI responded yes, to which Logan said that ‘it must be nice’. Moving further in the interview KSI also mentioned that his girlfriend is very supportive and understands his busy schedule. His girlfriend’s name was not revealed on the podcast, and there are no sources on the internet confirming who she is.

lauren alexis

Lauren Alexis

Recently KSI was also rumored to be dating Lauren Alexis. She is an English Youtuber and model. Besides Youtube, she has made a name for herself, modeling for OnlyFans. So OnlyFans is an online content service, and they are located in London. This platform works to make creators financially independent by helping them get direct funding from their fans on a monthly basis. They also provide pay per view feature. Lauren and KSI’s relation has not been confirmed by them or any third source. So we cannot say for sure if they ever dated.

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KSI’s Dating History

It seems like JJ is more comfortable in dating his fellow YouTubers. Now that we know who KSI’s girlfriend is. Let’s also find out who he used to date in the past. Before Lauren, the rapper was in a relationship with Seana Cuthbert.

KSI's ex Seana Cuthbert

KSI’s ex Seana Cuthbert

She posted a video on youtube in 2018 in which she talked about her relationship with KSI. In her video, she revealed that she met JJ when she was just 17. Their relationship suffered troubles because of long-distance and KSI’s busy schedule. But now it’s all well and good. Both of them have moved on and are in happy relationships.

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Contrary to what many people think, KSI has a very busy lifestyle. He keeps busy with his youtube channel and brutal training. His workout routine is no piece of cake. He does a lot of core workouts and cardio to keep fit. Now the question is, why his workout takes so much time? He trains twice every day, including Sundays. Moreover, he spends two to three hours in each session. Just like any other player, he believes in hard work. Even though he has no upcoming events or matches, he is still dedicated to training every day.

KSI lifestyle and cars

KSI lifestyle and cars

His lifestyle is not all work. He has earned enough to own a mansion. Besides it, he has many properties that he has invested in. KSI’s devotion towards his parents is pure as he bought his main property in the outskirts of London for them. Is there any influencer who is not a fan of cars? JJ owns a Porsche Boxter, which was his first car ever. Also, in his collection, he has Lamborghini Aventador with a fully aspirated V12 engine and a very expensive customized Cayenne.

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